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Purchasing a Personal Computer

This article describes information that students can use to purchase a computer with their own money. If you are a staff or faculty member looking for computer recommendations and discount information, click here.

Suggested Specifications

The WPI Helpdesk provides the below specifications as a guideline to students shopping for a new computer, or deciding whether an old computer will suffice. If you do not have a computer that meets the below specifications, there are lab computers on campus that students can freely use that have most academic software installed.

New Computer

Please refer to the following page for up to date recommendations on computer specifications:

NOTE: Students who are enrolled in the IMGD program should get a system with a dedicated graphics card (e.g. NVidia or ATI) as opposed to an integrated graphics chip (e.g. Intel)


Currently, special pricing deals for computers meeting these specifications have been arranged with Dell Computer. You can place your order on Dell's website at this link.

We have also arranged for special pricing on select models of laptops and tablet PCs with Lenovo, the company that has bought the IBM ThinkPad laptop and tablet PC line. Click here to see their current promotions.

Regardless of any promotions, shopping around may result in a better computer for less. Be sure that you pick a laptop that you will be happy with.


The WPI Helpdesk provides limited support for personal computers. We do not support installing the WPI image on these computers. Please see our Support Statement for more details.

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