RBE 1001

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Class Information
Recommended Background

PH 1110 or PH 1111

Some programming experience

RBE 1001 is a multidisciplinary introduction to robotics, involving concepts from the fields of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer science. Topics covered include sensor performance and integration, electric and pneumatic actuators, power transmission, materials and static force analysis, controls and programmable embedded computer systems, system integration, and robotic applications. Laboratory sessions consist of hands-on exercises and team projects where students design and build mobile robots.

The WPI Course Catalog recommends taking PH 1110 (General Physics- Mechanics) or PH 1111 (Principles of Physics- Mechanics) before this course.

Gompei the Goat suggests being careful. Not many students expect the work and effort required in this course.

Arduino Help

Basic Arduino Programming

WPI Arduino Shield

Reading material

1001 E-Book


Oscilloscope for beginners



Operational Amplifiers


WPI Robotics help videos

WPI Arduino Libraries