Celina Gwizdala

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Celina Gwizdala

Bachelor's Institution: Southern Connecticut State University
Bachelor's Year: 2007
Ph.D. Institution: UConn
Ph.D. Year: 2013
Current Employer: Airgas

Celina Gwizdala is a former student in the Burdette group, and the 3rd person to earn a Ph.D. under the the supervision of Prof. Shawn Burdette.. She immigrated to the US from Poland in 1995. She served in Army National Guard as a combat medic from 2001 to 2006 and graduated from Southern Connecticut State University in 2006 with bachelors in chemistry. In 2007, Celina joined the Burdette group to work on Cast photocages fro Zn2+. Celina completed her Ph.D. work in 2013 and accepted a position at Airgas in Connecticut.

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