Group Jobs

From BurdetteLab
Group jobs are reassigned yearly. All personnel leaving the lab will transfer the knowledge of their group job to the new person responsible for their job before leaving

Computers/Printer/Web Page: Shawn

Maintains software/hardware of group computers: UITS (software updates such as ChemDraw can be requested from the helpdesk.

Balance (maintains and calibrates balances): Jingjing

CPK Models (maintains model sets and instructs in their use): Shawn

Equipment (oversees fridge, freezer, ovens, etc.): Meng

Stills/Solvents (responsible N2 supply, refilling solvent kegs, daily maintenance): Jingjing/Prem

Group Handbook: Shawn

Group Librarian: Jingjing

Group Meeting markers: Chelsea

Purchasing/Glassware: Jingjing

Rotovaps/Vacuum Pumps (maintains rotovaps; check pumps for oil changes): Meng

Safety Officer (manage lab safety and waste issues; emergency contact): Chelsea

TLC/Chromatography (maintains the TLC equipment, orders silica gel and handles silica waste): Meng

UV-vis/Fluorescence/cuvettes/IR kit: Prem

X-ray: Prem