Hannah Mbatia

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Hannah W. Mbatia

Bachelor's Institution: University of Nairobi
Bachelor's Year: 2005
Ph.D. Institution: UConn
Ph.D. Year: 2012
Postdoc Institution: UMB Medicine
Postdoc Years: 2012–2015
Current Employer: Senseonics

Hannah W. Mbatia is a former student in the Burdette group, and the 2nd person to earn a Ph.D. under the the supervision of Prof. Shawn Burdette. She graduated with a chemistry degree from University of Nairobi in 2005, and received his Ph.D. in 2012 from University of Connecticut.

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Major Accomplishments






ArgenCast Analogues


Synthetic Methodology



9. Vincent Njar, Hannah Mbatia, Vidya Ramamurthy and Senthilmurugan Ramalingam. 2016, Patent:13-cis-Ramba Retinamides That Degrade mnks for Treating Cancer

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