Corrianna Boucher

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Corrianna Boucher

Bachelor's Institution: Mount Holyoke
Bachelor's Year: 2018
Ph.D. Institution: University of South Carolina

Corrianna Boucher is a former NSF REU researcher from the Burdette group from Mount Holyoke College. Corri worked on photoactive capping groups for trapping guests in MOFs during the summer of 2017, and started graduate studies at the University of South Caroline in 2018.


1. Jingjing Yan, Rick Homan, Corrianna Boucher, Prem Basa, Katherine Fossum, Ron Grimm John MacDonald and Shawn Burdette. Photochem. Photobiol. Sci. 2019, 18, 2849–2853. On-Demand Guest Release from MOF-5 Sealed with Nitrophenylacetic Acid Photocapping Groups Preprint on CHEMRXIV 2019.