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This is the index page for RBE 2002 wiki topics. This is the second of the four-course Unified robotics sequence introducing foundational theory and practice of robotics engineering from the fields of computer science, electrical engineer-ing and mechanical engineering. The focus of this course is interaction with the environment through sensors, feedback and decision processes. Concepts ofstress and strain as related to sensing of force, and principles of operation and interface methods for electronic transducers of strain, light, proximity and angle will be presented. Basic feedback mechanisms for mechanical systems will be implemented via electronic circuits and software mechanisms. The necessary software concepts will be introduced for modular design and implementation of decision algorithms and finite state machines. Laboratory sessions consist of hands-on exercises and team projects where students design and build robots and related sub-systems.

The WPI course catalog recommends taking RBE 2001 (Unified Robotics 1: Actuation), CS 1101 (Intro to Programming) or CS 1102 (Advanced Intro to Programming).

Gompei the goat suggests... As always, this being a Unified Robotics course, expect a lot of work.

RBE 2002 Lab Appendixes

Lab material

Basic Arduino Programming

WPI Arduino Shield

Oscilloscope for beginners




Operational Amplifiers




WPI Robotics help videos

WPI Arduino Libraries