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The HR Advisory Group was formed as a result of an Employee Opinion Survey, which identified a number of areas where the University could be doing a better job at making WPI a great place to work. The HR Advisory Group initially worked on prioritizing areas of need, and then on initiating projects that would help to make improvements in these areas.

When the group was originally formed, members of the WPI community were asked to volunteer to take part in the group. Once the group was established, it was decided that membership in the group would be for a limited amount of time, a term of approximately 2-3 years. New members would roll into the group as acting members' terms expired and they rolled out. Periodically an announcement from Human Resources will be sent to the community soliciting new volunteers for the HR Advisory Group.

Sub-Committees within the HR Advisory Group

Currently the group consists of six subgroups that focus on different areas: Community and Professional Development, Process Improvement, Making WPI an Even Better Place to Work, Mentoring, Student Employees, and WPI Wiki.

Community and Professional Development

  • Jenna Noel-Grinshteyn - Group Leader
  • Kate Beverage
  • Jennifer Cluett
  • Sheila Georger
  • Rose Galeotalanza
  • Juleen Weber

Process Improvement

  • Pam St. Louis - Group Leader
  • Peg Clancey
  • Allyson Bernard
  • Tiffiny Butler
  • Jennifer Cluett
  • Martha Cyr
  • Jared Erb
  • Madelyn Jones
  • Kristin Marengo
  • Lynn McElholm
  • Michael McGrade
  • Stacie Murray
  • Don Richardson

Making WPI an Even Better Place to Work

  • Pat Barrows
  • Kate Beverage
  • Greg Cesar
  • Ajayi Harris
  • Amanda Keighley
  • Christine Love
  • Patty MacInnes
  • Brenda Martin
  • Jenna Noel-Grinshteyn
  • Felicia Vidito
  • Julie Wilson


  • Yvette Rutledge - Group Leader
  • Lisa Atwell
  • Monica Blondin
  • Tina DeVries
  • Liz Gallagher
  • Christine Love
  • Heidi Startz
  • Julie Wilson

Student Employees

  • Lisa Atwell
  • Jesse Banning
  • Debbie Bockus
  • David Botelho
  • Jared Erb
  • Patty MacInnes
  • David Ortendahl
  • Katie Perry-Racicot

WPI Wiki

  • Ajayi Harris - Group Leader
  • Jesse Banning
  • Thomas Collins
  • Jared Erb
  • Bernice Lisk
  • Juleen Weber