Kady Ferguson

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Kady Ferguson

Bachelor's Institution: WPI
Bachelor's Year: 2016
Ph.D. Institution: Brown University

Kady Ferguson is a former undergraduate student in the Burdette group. She is currently pursuing graduate studies at Brown University in the Kim Group.


2. MQP Developing Ternary Photocaged Complexes as a Delivery Method of Zinc Metal Ions Across a Cell Membrane

1. Prem N. Basa, Chelsea A. Barr, Kady M. Oakley, Xiaomeng Liang and Shawn Burdette. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2019, 141, 12100–12108. Zinc Photocages with Improved Photophysical Properties and Cell Permeability Imparted by Ternary Complex Formation Preprint on CHEMRXIV 2019.

MQP Poster Presentation Day 2016