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Welcome to the Rho Beta Epsilon WPI robotics wiki!

Lab panorama on the morning of TouchTomorrow!

As the WPI robotics major grows it becomes harder for TAs and SAs to provide personal assistance to students. To help, Rho Beta Epsilon has made this wiki as a support resource and TA/SA supplement for students. What you'll find here are tutorials, reference pages, and advice pages on things you won't get in the lecture hall: lab topics, program and software help, and other topics that you can't define in a class. For help regarding help in class topics, please consult your professors, your fellow classmates, and other help resources (e-textbooks, lecture notes, google).

This main page is the starting point to finding the help you need. Below are the links to each class page. The class page will have tutorials on some of the programs and tools students will use in lab specific to the class they are in. In addition to a class reference, this wiki also contains some general reference articles for other topics that aren't defined by a class.

Class References

  • RBE 3001- Unified Robotics 3: Manipulation
  • RBE 3002- Unified Robotics 4: Navigation

Other Help References

  • Git Recommended help for learning git.

RBE e-Textbooks

Lab News

  • The lab was cleaned and remodeled during the summer. Remember to clean up your stations and keep the lab nice!

Other News

Stay in the know about general Robotics and WPI news!

  • Find out what's going on with WPI in the news.

Workshop Materials

Materials (powerpoints, reference sheets) from Rho Beta Epsilon sponsored workshops will be posted here.

  • Arduino Workshop
  • Soldering Workshop
  • And more!